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About our lashes

I created this site to satisfy my addiction for eye lashes.

It’s new in some circles, yet the tres chic have long since known the power of the augmented lash. Simply put, beautiful lashes beguile both the onlooker and the wearer. It’s truly feminine to feel beautiful. A thicker lash line will always add visual intrigue to a pair of ordinary of peepers, but the rub is finding a place you can call home.

The artistry of lash extensions is more than creating a precise bond of adhesive to a truly isolated eyelash. Beautiful authentic looking lashes are expressed in more than one dimension than length and thickness. A living set is more than than just the sum of lash lengths. The lashes you want are more than a “look” you pulled from a page of w. You want your lashes to be lived in, not posed. You want to look naturally beautiful, effortlessly chic and undetectably faux. There are many pathways to a sublime lash line, and tussanee of integrity lash has forged a systematic approach to assessing and creating dynamically lush lines.

Lashes grow as individuals, not as a team. Knowing how to read the stages of growth of each individual hair is the key. There are six specific variables beyond length and thickness such as angle and shape that influence the authentic outcome.

Eyes and lids come in all different shapes, and a successful artist keeps in mind the perspective she’s working on is not the perspective of the wearer. The successful lash artist must be guided by a discipline that holds both views in her sight.

Beautiful lashes are the marriage of technical precision and smart design. Integrity lash creates precise and placed right extensions.